Why decoding human-AI organizational gaps

Why Decoding…

At Leaps Lab we are committed to advancing people’s Human-AI work and life organization. In doing so, we make people capable of learning to decode their Human-AI organizational gaps to develop optimal ways of organizing their physical-digital-machine interactions.

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Why learning to decoding Human-AI organizational gaps is important

Learning to decoding Human-AI organizational gaps is an important practice to advance our work and life organization around AI machines. This practice nurtures and develops the breadth and depth of understanding and skills that enable us to be powerful agents of our personal and collective ways of organizing our physical, digital and AI machine worlds.

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Characteristics of Decoding Experiences

Learning to decoding Human-AI organizational gaps happens when people meet these 3 steps:

1) Recognize, understand and accept behaviors, values and situations of others and oneself living and working with AI technologies.

2) Learn through the experiences of others and oneself by exploring personal and group needs, value-dilemmas, limitations, skills and opportunities of physical, digital and machine interaction.

3)  Take initiative to redefine human and technology goals, values, resources (skills, guidelines, norms, incentives) and actions to achieve optimal human and AI technology behavior for the sake of people.

These 3 characteristics draw on evidence for how fostering a decoding mindset on organizational gaps helps people learn and create optimal ways of organizing themselves around AI technology.