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Leaps Lab is practical, insightful, and surprisingly effective

Leaps Lab learning system was created by Luis Bohorquez. It frames people’s tech experiences and identifies the drivers that define their tech purposes, adaptability and value. By getting them to do our unique and simple (eye-opener) Leaps Lab test, we get your users and design teams on a page of mutual understanding (users-technology). We work together with users and designers to discover key insights to discuss them and make decisions that inspire and re-frame more meaningful, engaged and effective tech experiences. It allows your users and tech designers to truly understand and discuss the opportunities and challenges of adapting to and organizing around new technologies in work and life situations. It also provides a sense of clarity and shared tech purpose among users that, in turn, inform human and tech strategy, empowers human and tech leadership and collaboration, balances human and tech skills and well-being, engages everyone involved, avoids miscommunication and drives human centered experiences.



Change the way you get your tech-users onboard, and grow your business and organization.

Decode More, Build Slower, Make Sense.

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