A unique mix of problem solving, values, tech behavior and research


Luis Bohorquez

I am the creator of the Leaps Lab learning system and a Human-Tech Behaviorist with a deep experience and knowledge in tech-social behavior, design, and research. Motivated by an undercurrent interest in the conflicts of human experiences (social, emotional, organizational) with AI systems, I’ve found new ways to better perceive, value and accept technologies in work and personal life contexts. Through years of practice and academic research I created a unique framework that goes beyond coding for efficiency. Now I focus on advising and training digital transformation, tech and organization leaders, consultants and practitioners to learn what Leaps Lab system is about: the practice of adapting through decoding people’s tech experiences. The goal of Leaps Lab method is to discover shared values, support engagement and design tailored ways of organizing people around technology.

My personal motivation has always been the evolution of values of designers in the world of artificial intelligence, which made me start (8 years ago) an academic multidisciplinary research (Delft University of Technology, NL) to understand the tech behavior of Tech Developers and UX Designers. My research goal was to discover the value-conditions of human-tech participation using AI systems in personal and professional contexts. I apply this expertise to improve how people work and live with technology while helping grow the company business and innovation goals.

I'm based in Amsterdam, NL and works globally in English and Spanish.

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